Top 6 Best Epilator for Face and Body- Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Epilator for Face and Body

Who else on earth wouldn’t be wanting smooth & silky without unwanted hair on face and body? Obviously, everyone would! Shaving, waxing using disposable razors are of course, bygone methods.

Here in today 2020 we discuss the effective, affordable & painless way of removing unwanted hair with top best epilators for face and body to get right sort of smooth and silky skin

To talk of hair removal, either from the face, legs, arms, or whole-body, my number one preference is using an epilator.

Well, laser treatment is, of course, the top pick, but they are so darn expensive. Some weeny weensy part of the population has gone for laser hair removal. Every method does have its pros and cons, but epilators are leaning more to the right side.

Waxing is a nuisance, whether it be summers or winters. Often the wax gets too hard or too runny. Shaving is although an instant solution but requires to be repeated every other day or so.

We recommend epilators for deep root hair removal without the mess and massive money in circumstances like these.

6 Best Epilators For Face & Overall Body Reviewed


In case you aren’t familiar with an epilator, let us give a brief introduction here. An epilator is an electronic appliance with numerous small tweezer-like blades that rotate with a motor.

Gliding the epilator on your skin pulls out hair from the roots leaving it clean and clear. Some question the safety and effectiveness of using an epilator.

Dermatologists have approved epilators for effective hair removal. They also appreciate its usage for smaller delicate areas like the bikini line, underarms, upper lips, and eyebrows. Having a good epilator can be a life-changing experience, and you won’t ever turn back.

 1- Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 9 9-521

Braun Silk-Epil 9-961V is not just an ordinary epilator, but it is your complete beauty appliance. Although a bit pricy but the versatile functioning justifies the price.

The epilator box includes the epilator itself, a shaver, massage, exfoliation, and cleansing brush heads.

Also, there are precision, efficacy caps, a comb, stand, two hygiene covers, a cleaning brush, and an adapter chord. All this comes in a string pouch for easy storage.

The Silk-Epil 9 has so much to offer, and the versatility requires a lot to be reviewed. Here. Let us go through the high spots.

The epilator is feasible for both wet and dry skin. Enjoy the spa service at home with a relaxing massage bath along with deep exfoliation and body cleansing.

Once done with the hair removal, treat your skin with the provided beauty brushes to achieve a salon-fresh skin that lasts long and stays silky. Perfect for facial treatment.

The epilator is capable of removing any minute hair, which is not easy to locate and pull out otherwise. The smart light technology lightens up the skin to reach tiny hair easily.

The pivoting epilator head accesses your curves and removes maximum hair in one go. The dual-speed setting allows sensitive skin to be cleared without discomfort. Massage rollers relax and soothe your skin to prep a radiant you!

The battery timing is the best among competitors. A full 1-hour charging lasts up to 40 minutes. Good enough for a long, beauty bath.

To maintain hygiene, you can wash off your waterproof machine and clean thoroughly with the brush—Cap the epilator with provided caps.

  • Accurate hair removal.
  • Waterproof.
  • Massage, exfoliating, and cleansing brushes included.
  • Cordless use.
  • Hygiene friendly.
  • Long-length body hair will be difficult to remove.



  • Absolute beauty appliance.
  • Includes epilator, shaver, massager, exfoliator, and cleanser.
  • Smart light
  • Waterproof and cordless.
  • Hygiene friendly with a long battery life

Final Words


This latest epilator version from Braun is a dream device of every woman out there. It provides you numerous beauty features and gives you a saloon soft and silky skin for about four weeks.

So if you want the salon treatment at home and want a nicely cleansed and shaved skin along with massage relaxation, you ought to buy the Silk-Epil 9.

Editor’s Note: Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-Epil 9 9-521: Although expensive, the epilator offers several services besides hair removal.

It won’t be exaggerated to say that the Silk-Epil 9 makes a mini home spa. Epilating, shaving, exfoliating, massaging, and cleansing all come together with this fantastic beauty. The epilator is undoubtedly worth the price and leaves you with silky and radiant skin.

2- Panasonic ES-ED50-N Multi-Functional Wet/Dry Shaver and Epilator

Panasonic ES-ED50-N is the runner up on our list. You won’t get a talented and multi functional epilator like this one below $100. But here it is, the Panasonic ES with all the amaze-balls features at an incredibly reasonable price.

The Panasonic shaver is highly endorsed for sensitive skin individuals. Hair removing is always a bummer for sensitive skins.

Often the skin is left in redness, itch, or pimples after shaving\waxing. The hypoallergenic blades of the Panasonic shaver rule out such discomfort.

They are specifically designed to cut hair smooth and fast for a featureless skin. The ultra-sharp pop-up trimmer head picks even the finest of hair.

Micro-thin foil in the shaver head adds up protection for delicate areas. You also get a bikini comb, which can be fitted to the shaver for the V-area’s precise shaping. It nicely contours to your skin and bring perfection to hair removal and trimming.

The dual-disc epilator head contains 48 rapid tweezers for instant hair removal. Also, the more significant number of tweezers and the speed together lessen the agony.

The gliding head rotates 30 degrees back and forth and shapes with your body curves to easily pullout hairs from each root.

You can use the epilator either wet or dry—Features special foam massage rollers, which takes the experience to the next level. The epilator has a quick 1-hour charging time with a 30 minutes performance output.

  • Excellent performance at a great price.
  • Hypoallergenic razor.
  • Four Snap-On attachments.
  • Includes travel pouch and cleaning brush.
  • Built-in LED light.
  • The dual epilator head is unfitting for smaller curves and areas.



  • Very affordable price.
  • Includes 4 Snap-On attachments
  • Hypoallergenic razor for sensitive skin
  • 48 – tweezer disc
  • Half hour battery life

Final Words


Panasonic ES-ED50-N is your complete hair removal solution. Enjoy quick and easy hair removal at the best affordable price.

You can carry your epilator pouch along with you anywhere you go and enjoy an all-time, clear, smooth skin.

Recommended for full-body use, including face and bikini line. Wash it anytime for a hygienic beauty plan.

Panasonic ES-ED50-N Multi-Functional Wet/Dry Shaver and Epilator: Panasonic ES epilator is the best affordable and functions best compared to the price competitors. Makes epilating a serene experience by facilitating every angle. Effortless to carry along anywhere for an all-time clear skin.

3- Braun Epilator Silk-epil 3 3-270

Braun has a familiar prominence in the manufacture of hair removal gadgets. Every now and then, it launches a newer, special epilator or IPL machine.

The Braun Silk-Epil 3 is the third version of the Silk-Epil series, and hold it, a great experience to avail yourself of.

The Silk-Epil 3 is a white epilator with taffy pink highlights. It features a compact, easy-to-fit design that is comfortable to hold and decent to use.

Now you can spot even the tiniest bit of hair on your skin with the smart light, which turns on automatically once you start the epilator.

It makes hair removal non-challenging even in muted illumination. Blonde or black, every hair is sure to come out.

The epilator blade has a 20-tweezer structure covering a large skin area and works simultaneously to pull out all hairs.

It is a chorded epilator and does not have a charging option. However, you can set the speed on two modes according to your skin type for ease and perfection.

The smooth-running blades reduce pain to a maximum. You get a massage cap with tiny rollers to relieve the pain sensation while removing your hair.

Also, the box includes a shaving blade for susceptible areas and a brush to clean. Two push buttons on either side easily detach the blade for thorough cleaning.

The epilator head is slightly recessed, which adroitly moves along the curves of your legs, arms, and body. All in all, the Braun Silk-Epil will give you a barebone, silky smooth, cost-efficient experience.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • 2 in 1 epilator and shaver.
  • Massage roller cap.
  • Features smart light.
  • 2-speed mode.
  • Not rechargeable and always needs to be plugged in via the chord.
  • Not of durable quality.



  • Most affordable
  • Includes epilator and shaver
  • Dual speed mode
  • Smart light technology
  • Cute design

Final Words


Braun Silk-Epil is sufficient enough for the complete hair removal. The non-rechargeable trait makes a con for the model, but if you are comfortable with it, then the epilator is all good to go. If you are tight on the budget, the Silk-Epil 3 is the best possibility.

4- Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed

The Emjoi Emagine is some serious function, sturdy build epilator for use by either sex. Its incredible 72- tweezer head is strong enough to pull out the most stubborn hair effectively.

Also, the 72 tweezer blades increase the surface area for maximum hair removal. Among the tweezer discs, one is fixed, and the while the other two are mobile. They open and close simultaneously to pick up every hair strand.

The glide technology enables the head to remain intact with the skin for quick action. You won’t have to skate the epilator repeatedly over your skin while using many other epilators.

This rapid action also helps lower pain, and the fast speed tweezers swiftly pull out hair from roots. Antimicrobial protection, which comes with all Emjoi epilators, also adores this one.

It ensures healthy hair removal. It’s least likely for you to get allergies or infections after using Emjoi Emagine.

The deep root hair removal also prevents ingrown hair build-up. Many epilator users complain about ingrown hair, which is impossible to pull out.

Frequent use of an inexperienced epilator may cause such outcomes. The Emjoi Emagine has a lustrous scarlet look with an ergonomic grip.

The epilator is not rechargeable, which rules out the option of using it without electricity. Also, it’s not waterproof.

Rather, contact with moisture can vandalize the machinery. Though not very versatile but the epilator is adequate for the job.

It does not involve any complicated functioning and is user-friendly. All can use it with ease. Suitable for removing hair on legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line.

  • Durable construction.
  • 72 tweezer disc.
  • Dual-speed mode.
  • Features silver-ion antimicrobial technology.
  • Non-rechargeable.
  • Not waterproof.



  • Heavy-duty manufacture
  • Highly effective 72-tweezer disc.
  • Corded and non-rechargeable
  • Prevents ingrown hair


Final Words


Emjoi Emagine epilator is a durable and heavy-duty appliance. Men can also use it for hair removal. The greater surface area tends for quick hair removal.

The price does justice to the performance. This epilator will keep you company for a long, long time.

5- Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator 

Emoji Soft Cress epilator is an economical and advanced hair removal tool. It features a sleek and curved design that fits your palm perfectly.

A comfortable handgrip offers easy hair removal. The incurvated epilator blade digs into your body hollows to pull out resistant hair from the roots.

Contains a 24 Karat gold plated tweezer head. The gold plating is the least reactive and prevents rusting and wearing.

Pain reduction technology, which comes with the Emjoi epilator, ensures that hair removal is as comfortable as possible.

Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial protection takes care of hygiene and reduces risks of allergic reactions. The epilator is adept at removing hair as short as 0.5mm.

Leaves you with soft and smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. A great deal of comfort. It has dual speed modes for different skin types and areas.

Comfortable enough to use on face and upper lips. Finely shapes the bikini line. The tweezer blade has massaging finger attachments.

These soothe your skin and increase blood flow for brightening up your skin. The epilator is chorded and can’t be charged.

There is a skin scrubbing attachment that comes with the epilator. It makes an excellent foo care paddle and finely scrubs off dead skin layers for ultra-smooth skin.

You can scrub and epilate your skin with this machine and leisure an ultra-smooth sensation that lasts long.

  • Soft-grip design.
  • Gold plated tweezer disc.
  • Dual speed mode.
  • Cute design.
  • Not rechargeable.
  • Not waterproof.



  • Features gold plated tweezers
  • Convenient hand grip
  • Dual speed for different skin types
  • Chorded and non-rechargeable


Final Words


Investing in the Emjoi Soft Caress epilator won’t make you regret it. Meager cost and effective performance are seldom to be found.

The cute design is also easy to use and pain-reducing. Well, it does lack many cool facets, but for a basic epilator, it is excellent.

6- Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 9 9-521

This version of the Silk-Epil 9 is an expert to do its job. Although not as versatile as the other version but the primary purpose is well served. You won’t either get any extras with it besides the shaver. But for an epilator appliance, it’s all fine.

The head is engineered wider, and micro-grip tweezers are used in the manufacture. These tweezers are capable of swift and thorough hair removal.

The epilator tweezers quickly capture the tiny hair that wax can’t remove. You can enjoy a smooth hair-less skin for as long as four weeks.

The slim body design of this epilator is featured for a comfortable grip. The speed is also accelerated for this version, which lowers the pain to a minimum.

The pulsating vibrations also let the skin feel less pain. After a while, the skin will slightly be numbed by the vibrations, and you won’t be all teary during the process.

The epilator head is pivoted for precise pulling and contours your body curves without leaving tiny hair. You also get a shaving head beside the epilator.

For delicate areas like the bikini line and underarms, the shaver works the best. The epilator is waterproof, and you can use it in the shower for a pleasant experience.

Using some shower gel will enhance the soothing and clear your skin for a brighter look. Both epilator and shaver are easily washable.

Use the brush for cleaning out entangled hair and foam. It features smart light for spotting light and minute hair.

  • Cordless and waterproof.
  • Wider head.
  • Includes shaver.
  • Comes in a carrying pouch.
  • Expensive epilator.



  • Includes epilator and shaver
  • Wide tweezer head
  • Cordless and waterproof
  • Features smart light

Final Words


Desiring a hairless, smooth skin for a more extended period? It would be best if you tried the Braun Silk-Epil 9-521 epilator.

It removes even the tiniest of your body hair rapidly and with the least pain and discomfort. The shaver will do for the delicate areas. It is a durable product with quality performance.



Having an epilator for hair removal is among the best life comforts, especially when talking about womanhood and beauty.

Some amazing epilators out there provide the exact saloon results and are accessible to carry-along. One thing I bet is once you switch to epilators for hair removal, there’s no going back. Either it is face or body, epilators are a great hair removal option


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