Removing hairs right off your legs is a very daunting and tiresome task. There are a lot of options available to remove your leg hair.

The two most prominent of them are waxing and shaving. But both of them come with some sort of cons with them.

For waxing you need to grow your hair longer, its painful and at the same time very hectic process. On the other hand, shaving hair is quick but hairs come back really quickly. Epilating combines the best of both worlds.

It offers the quickness of shaving and silky-smoothness of waxing. All in all its a complete package. Therefore, we came up with the best epilator for legs 2020 review guide.

Epilation is virtually painless and saves a lot of your time and eventually money. Therefore a lot of women are shifting towards epilation to get them silky-smooth legs without much pain. But which epilator is right for you?

There are thousands and thousands of epilators available in the market. Epilators come in different sizes, shapes, budgets, power sources, and designs.

But not all of them are equally reliable and functional. There are a lot of pros and cons of each model. We researched tens of hours to get you this list of best epilators for legs.

So that you don’t have to waste your precious time and focus more on your beautiful skin. Let’s get into it and see which one suits your personality and needs.

Top 5 Best Epilator for Legs 2021

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1. Philips Satinelle Essential – Best epilator for legs arms and underarms

Phillips Satinelle Essential is a top-level epilator for legs. It has a very compact and appealing design pattern which is perfect for carrying around. It is corded for maximum usage efficiency so that you don’t have to charge it between the epilation process.

The cord is very lengthy and can thus the epilator can reach the difficult areas very easily.

The Satinelle Essential has a washable head for easy operation and cleaning.

This epilator is very effective even on hair as short as 0.2mm. It means that this epilator plucks out hairs that are even not pluckable by waxing.

After epilation, this amazing device makes your legs smooth and clean without using any chemical. The epilation process on this hair remover is pretty straight forward and quick. It usually takes less than ten minutes to get rid of annoying hairs that hide the beauty of your legs.

Phillips Satinelle Essential has two-speed settings. You can use the low-speed setting with the efficiency cap attachment on delicate and hard to reach areas. And the high-speed mode can be used for speeding up the epilation process.


  • Removes hair by the root on the whole body
  • Special ceramic tweezing disks rotate quickly to capture more hairs
  • Extra wide epilation head
  • Features a lithium-ion battery that provides 40 minutes of cordle
  • Hair removal epilator includes 2 precision caps and drawstring carry pouch

Final words

Phillips Satinelle Essential epilator is a perfect epilator for everyone who wants to use is on legs and bikini area.

It takes less than ten minutes to transform your hair-covered legs into beautiful and soft ones. This epilator plucks hairs which are not even pluckable by waxing.

The two-speed setting provides you variable speeds of your choice and comfort. The corded design makes sure that you are able to use the epilator unceasingly.

The overall design language of this epilator is very simple, unique and compact. It is a perfect epilator for legs. You won’t regret buying it.

2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 – Best for Legs, arms, underarms, face, Bikni

Braun is a very renowned brand in the epilator industry. This company has been able to produce quality products for years continuously.

And with the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579, t has taken the game to the next level.

This epilator is a perfect choice for someone looking for a quality product ignoring the price point.

With this epilator, you can remove shortest hair, prevent ingrown hair and give yourself a treat with a good massage.

This hair remover consists of a lot of cool accessories. It contains a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a facial brush, a massage cap, a skin contact cap, and a charging stand.

Braun has fitted this epilator with 40 tweezers which are wider and longer than traditional tweezers.

These tweezers remove the smallest of hair and prevent hair from growing back soon. Braun claims that this epilator removes even 4x shorter hair as compared to the traditional waxing method.

It is a battery-operated unit and the battery is very long-lasting. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 is completely waterproof.

This epilator can be used in both dry and wet conditions. It means that it can be used under the shower too. Epilation process of this epilator is painless in both the dry and wet methods.

It has a pivoting head that contours to the body to provide you maximum comfort and working efficiency. Technologies like pulsating vibrations and smart light come standard in this model.

Pulsating vibration produces gentle vibrations for your ultimate pleasure while smart light technology removes hairs that are not visible to the naked eye.

These technologies increase the credibility of this epilator and include it in our list of best epilator for legs.

Apart from legs, this epilator can be used for face cleansing. It provides 6X better cleansing than manual. So, this epilator can be very beneficial if you want to use it for other parts of the body as well.


  • Epilation removes hair 4x shorter than wax
  • Wet and dry epilation, virtually painless with regular use
  • 7 extras including shaver head, trimmer cap and facial cleansing brush
  • Comes with 7 extras including a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high frequency massage cap, a skin con
  • Bonus braun facial brush removes makeup and pore-deep impurities , 6x better than manual cleansing

Final Words

This epilator is the ultimate choice for people who use an epilator on legs as well as other parts of the body. It has premium quality tweezers that pluck out more hair and refrain them from growing back sooner.

This model can be used on dry as well as wet situations. It works flawlessly in both the condition. If budget is not an issue we endorse you to buy this epilator. It’s worth every single penny.

3. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine – Best epilator for women’s legs

Emagine is an amazing epilator from Emjoi. It consists of 72 tweezers that extract maximum hair in one stroke so that you get silky smooth legs in less time. Fewer strokes dramatically decrease skin irritation chances. The design methodology of this machine is quite amazing. It fits really good in the hands and provides a very comfortable grip.

Emjoi’s patented “Glide” technology lifts up the hair so the tweezers can easily pluck out hair without causing any discomfort. Emagine is also the world’s first tweezer to offer Silver Ion technology which provides antimicrobial protection for a safer and easier hair epilation.

The Emagine also features breathtaking technology that you won’t find in any other epilator. The dual opposed staggered heads allow the tweezer head to cover more surface area and pluck out more hair. It also boasts “lifting fingers”, this technology lifts the hairs up so that its easier for the tweezers to pluck out hair.

This feature also reduces the chances of any in-grown hairs. Due to this industry-leading technology, this epilator has been able to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm. The only feature this device lacks is that its not battery operated.


  • 72 tweezers the most on the market remove the majority of hair the first time
  • Middle lifting fingers
  • 72 tweezers to remove hair from the root for weeks of silky, smooth skin
  • Silver ion technology provides antimicrobial protection

Final Words

Emjoi AP-18 is a premium epilator. It has a very appealing design and feels. There are 72 tweezers on the tweezer head for maximum working capacity. It boasts Emjoi exclusive technologies like “lifting finger” and “Glide”, which makes this device a popular device.

Although its a very good device but its build quality is not as good as the other epilator on our list, and it also lacks water-proofing too. If you don’t mind changing the epilator once a year, it can be a very comfortable solution for your leg hairs.

4. Braun Silk-épil 5 5-280 – Best for legs and bikini

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-280 is the last but not the least entry in our list of best epilators for legs. It contains 40 tweezers which extract 4X shorter hair as compared to the traditional waxing methods. It is specifically designed for usage on dry skin only.

This epilator can also be transformed into a full-fledged shaver by replacing its head cap. You can use the electric shaver on sensitive areas of the body, like the bikini line. Braun Silk-épil 5 5-280 is also integrated with high-frequency massage technology, which provides your skin a relaxing feel.

It also consists of smart light which reveals even the smallest of hair. The tweezer head is designed in a way that it contours to the body and plucks out hair without causing much pain.

This epilator is powered by a cord and does not work on batteries. So, it can provide non-stop epilation without the worries of discharge.


  • Non-stop power epilator for non-stop smooth skin
  • 40 close-grip tweezers
  • Extras: shaver head and trimmer cap for depilation, efficiency cap,and a cooling glove

Final Words

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-280 is suitable for people who like to have top-class technology, and don’t want to use it under the shower. This epilator provides excellent hair removal without causing much pain. The process is quick due to its excellent tweezer head. The massager works pretty fine and relaxes your body.

As it is powered by cord this can be a problem for someone who does not like to stick with the restrictions that come with a cord. Moreover, as it’s not waterproof. You cannot use it on wet conditions too. If you don’t mind using a corded power cord and use it on dry skin. It can be a great choice for you.

5. Braun Epilator Silk-epil 3 3-270

For beginners, if you are purchasing an epilator, this Braun epilator is a great one to start for leg hair removal. The epilator comes with a 20-tweezer system that efficiently removes hair from the root for long-lasting smoothness. The smart light technology shows the finest hair while the massage rollers gently stimulate and massages your skin. It also has a speed setting which you can select according to your comfort.

6. Braun Epilator Silk-epil 9 9-720

This great compact epilator from the brand is one of the best epilators for legs. The device includes micro-grip tweezer technology that smoothens skin for several weeks. The shaver head of the epilator turns the epilator into a functional saver while the massage cap can help in the reduction of pain sensation. The senso smart technology guides you to epilate the finest hair.

7. Emoji AP18 Emagine Epilator

For those with sensitive skin, this hair removal option can be one of the best epilators for leg hair removal. The device includes a 72 tweezer that removes the majority of hair for the first time without any skin irritation, the silver ion technology of the epilator provides antimicrobial protection and has an ergonomically engineered handle. The patented glide technology also lifts and removes hair easily.

8. Remington Smooth and Silky Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator

For those on budget, this Remington epilator is great for coarse leg hair and the best epilator for legs. The tweezer technology provides full coverage for hair removal. The detailed light also gets a clear view of your maintenance area. It also has a dual-speed setting that can be set according to your comfort. The angle cap is perfect which catches even the shortest hair.

9. Philips Beauty Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator

This efficient hair removal epilator is one of the best epilators for legs comes with an ergonomic handle and washable head for hygiene. The dual-speed setting of the epilator removes thicker and thinner hair for personalized hair removal treatment. The epilator also comes with a washable head that can be detached and cleaned easily. The sensitive cap can be used to remove unwanted hair as well.

10. Braun Epilator Silk-epil 7-7561

The Braun epilator can be your smart investment which can be one of the best epilators for legs to remove hair efficiently. The epilator is 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower and bath. The pivoting head of the epilator can be designed to follow your body parts for better skin contact. The smart light also reveals the finest hair while the shaver head also turns the epilator into an electric shaver.

11. Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator

This model from Remington is not just an epilator but also an excellent hair removal that can be used in baths or showers. It helps to condition skin before and after epilation. The device features an automatic tweezer that removes unwanted hair for long-lasting results. The compact device also delivers precise hair removal which is ideal for leg hair removal which is why it is one of the best epilators for legs.

12. Emoji Tweeze eRase e6

The brand has never disappointed for being one of the best epilators for the leg. This compact epilator has been designed to remove the finest hair with its pinpoint precision. It has erased glide technology that removes hair from the root. The patented disc system of the epilator makes it comfortable to use and keeps hair away for several weeks. The skin glide technology also lifts and removes hair by gliding tweezer discs over the skin.

13. Emoji Epi Slim Epilator

The epilator looks great and performs great too. It is listed as one of the best epilators for the leg that can be used on wet as well as dry skin. The 18-tweezer action disc also removes hair from the root for several weeks. The erase glide technology glides back and forth in a circular motion over hair for smooth skin. It also has a patented disc system that contains the fixed disc. It also has skin glide technology to lift and remove hair.

14. VOYOR Hair Removal Epilator

If you are planning to purchase a multifunctional epilator and do not have a huge budget then do not look further than this Voyor model. The micro grip tweezers grab hair and remove it from the root. It comes with a speed level that can be selected according to your comfort. The anti-allergy foil aluminum blade can remove your unwanted hair and bring safe and comfortable shaving.

How to Choose Best Epilator For Legs- Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy a top-quality epilator for legs. This guide can be very helpful for you. We have added all the points you should be looking in an epilator for legs.

1. Power Source

You should pay good attention to the power source of the epilator. Whether it’s powered by cord or battery. If it is battery-operated. How efficient is the battery performance? And if it is corded. Whether the cord is long enough or not. Pay attention to details of the epilator as its a long term investment.

2. Wet or Dry

Not all the epilators out there are designed in a way to perform under the shower. If you prefer epilation under the shower. Look for an epilator which is waterproof.

3. Multi Usage

If you use an epilator for other parts of the body too. It’s advisable to look for one which is multifunctional and can be used on other parts of the body as well.

4. Speed Settings

Variable speed settings are perfect for people who like to take things in control. Two-speed settings can be good if you like slow-paced epilation.

5. Tweezer Head

Always pay great attention to the number of tweezers in a tweezer head. The greater the number of tweezers, the more effective it is. Always look for an epilator which has more than 40 tweezers.

6. Attachments

Extra attachments can be very beneficial in your beauty treatment. Look for your needs and then select the epilator which has attachments that meet your requirements.


Q.Can we epilate our facial hair?

Ans: Yes, you can use an epilator on your face as well. You need to consider that epilation can irritate sometimes as the skin of the face is extremely sensitive. If you know all the right steps of epilating then you can epilate and get a smooth finish.

Q.Can I shave between epilating?

Ans: Consider that shaving does not cause hair growth coarser and thick. Hair will have a blunt tip instead of a softer one.  This is the reason it is not recommended to shave in between epilating.


Q.Is it normal to bleed after epilating?

Ans: It might be horrible to hear bleeding after epilation however it is perfectly normal and should not be a reason to get worried at all. The hair follicles are connected to blood vessels and when pulled out in the growth stage, you might bleed a bit. Especially for beginners.


Q.Can I use an epilator on my upper lips?

Ans: Epilator epilates hair more than one at a time. It is considered more comfortable and easier than tweezing. You can get better results if you exfoliate your upper lip with a scrub before epilating which can give you a better result. You can conveniently use it on your upper lip to remove unwanted hair.