Best Epilators For Women 2021 [ Face, Body, Legs, Bikini ]

In the world of hair removal, there are various methods used; waxing, shaving, hair removal creams\sprays, laser, and epilation.

Among these methods, laser treatment is top listed and is the most fulfilling, but the sky-high costs have limited it to a tiny fraction of people.

Waxing is not our chosen method because it harms the skin in many ways, including skin burns and shredding. Dermatologists recommended epilation as a safe and effective hair removal method.

Still, epilators are not in common practice due to certain stereotypes formed against them. To get the best out of your epilator and to stay out of harm’s way, you need to take in the apt method and precautions.

Just in case you are not familiar with epilators, let us introduce you to them. Epilators are electronic, motor-driven appliances with a set of tiny tweezers on the head.

These tweezers rotate fast and on contact with skin remove hair swiftly. Not all epilators are adequate, of course.

Choosing a valid one from a vast range of epilators may be problematic. The guide will assist you in understanding epilators better

Best Epilator for Women 2021 [ For Face, Body, Bikni, Neck ]

Quick Features
Top Pick

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7 7-880

  • Reasonable price
  • 7 extra attachments
  • 40% wider epilator head
  • Sensosmart technology
  • Wet & dry use
  • Rechargeable 
Best Luxury Epilator

Braun Epilator Silk-epil 9 9-579

  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • 4 precision attachments
  • Micro-grip tweezer technology
  • Dual speed settings
  • 40-minute charging time
Best Design

Panasonic ES-ED90-P

  • 2-year guarantee
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Smart light technology
  • Pedicure buffer
  • Portable pouch 
Best durable

Philips Beauty Satinelle Essential

  • Robust construction
  • 2-speed levels
  • Gentle on skin
Best for Legs

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed

  • Extra-wide epilator head
  • 72 tweezers
  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • Loofa and cleaning brush
Best for Sensitive skin

Braun Epilator Silk-epil 5 5-280,

  • Dermatologically approved
  • Smart light technology
  • Sensitive precision caps
  • Cooling glove
Best Full Body

Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator

  • 3-speed levels
  • 5 attachments including shaver
  • Travel pouch
  • Pivoting head
Best Money Value

Remington Smooth & Silky

  • Wet and dry use 
  • Cordless
  • Very reasonable price
  • Massage and precision caps
Best Portable

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

  • Travel zip-up pouch
  • Cleaning kit
  • 24K gold-plated tweezers
  • Hypoallergenic
Best for Beginners

Braun Epilator Silk-epil 3 3-270,

  • Dermatologically approved
  • Light epilation
  • Shaver and trimmer included
  • Corded

1. Braun Epilator Silk-epil 9 9-579

Braun silk-epil 9 brings a new standard of epilation excellence. Being the leading beauty and hair removal expert, Braun does not disappoint with its latest launch.

It has introduced its revolutionary technology in silk-epil 9. The box contents include the epilator itself, a separate battery-operated massage brush, a shaving head with four precision, and trimming attachments.

The 40% wider epilator head removes more hair in one move. Its micro grip tweezer technology reaches the tiniest of hair, which is not removed by wax.

Dual speed settings allow gentle epilation for beginners and sensitive areas. Plus, the pulsating vibrations mini rollers and provide extra-gentle care to your skin.

The pivoting head clings to your curves and does not leave any skin patch. You can use the massage brush prior to epilation; this will clean deep cleanse your skin and opens up the pores for easy hair removal.

You get four head attachments, which are used for smaller and sensitive areas. Shaping the bikini line and eyebrows or doing the upper lips is made easy with these precision caps.

You can enjoy up to four weeks of silky, soft skin with the Braun silk-epil 9. What can be greater relief?

To add to your interest, the silk-epil 9 can be used on dry and wet skin. Its watertight manufacture works well even in five-meter depth.

You can use it in the bath or shower for ultra-comfort. Moreover, the shaver head supplies for those who like to shave sensitive areas rather than epilation.

Also, shaving longer hair makes it easy and less agonizing to epilate. The epilator is rechargeable and gives a charging time of forty minutes.

  • Smart light technology helps locate tiny hairs.
  • Massage brush cleans makeup and dirt.
  • Micro grip tweezer technology and pivoting head provide accuracy.
  • Wet and dry use.
  • 40-minutes battery time.
  • Shaver and precision head included.

  • Big-budget epilator.
  • Does not include a storage pouch.

Final Words

The luxury-lovers who want the best beauty product for their skin will adore silk-epil 9—no more waddling out of waxing saloons and twice a week shaving. The silk-epil nine has maximized efficient hair removal for a brand-new experience.

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7 7-880

Luxury in the budget is hardly ever launched these days. But Braun has once again gathered the cheers with the release of its silk-epil 7.

The epilator is cost below $100 and yet embraces various valuable technologies. Also, to inform you that it’s the world’s first-ever epilator with Sensosmart technology.

The technology obligates to guide the user and indicate via a red signal if too much pressure is applied on the skin.

The micro grip tweezer technology pulls out hair as small as 0.5mm. The precision head goes gentle on the sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line.

You can use the shaving head and comb attachment to trim longer hair to make it less painful. Your comfort is the top priority of silk-epil 7.

Dual speed settings make it user friendly for all—additionally, the pivoting head contacts each and every body curves for clear skin.

Silk-epil 7 has so much to offer. It does not make off the smart light technology. The LED light turns on as you start the epilator and continuously help you locate small hair, which may not be seen in dimmer lights.

It is a cordless epilator, and on a full battery charging, you can use it for fifty long minutes. Good enough for a long bath.

Yes, you got that right! You can use the epilator in the bath. Warm water will help you lower sting, and utilizing the epilator will a bath gel be a revitalizing episode.

  • Affordable price.
  • Seven attachments for extra precision.
  • Sensosmart technology and smart light.
  • Comes in a durable string bag.
  • Cordless and waterproof.
  • 40% wider epilator head.
  • 50 minutes of battery time.
  • Since it’s a dry & wet use epilator, you can’t use it while plugged in.

Final Words

Braun silk-epil 7 is the dream epilator of every woman. Those with sensitive skin will experience the gentlest epilation with it.

Equally useful for newbies and experts. The latest technologies will take your epilation experience to the next level.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver

Panasonic ES-ED90-P is one of the leading brand models. It comes in a beautiful white and rose gold combination.

You get six attachments in total, including the epilator, shaver head with a pop-up trimmer, bikini comb, sensitive cap, and pedicure buffer.

All contents are nicely accommodated in the mesh bag, which you can easily fit in your luggage. Now you can take your beauty essential on holidays or keep it with you throughout the honeymoon.

This is a cordless design and requires an optimal 1-hour charging. The working time is not extended as of other comparable models, but you still get half an hour for quick hair removal.

The upper side has an LED light to increase visibility indoors; this won’t leave any hairs to be located later on.

This solves the most annoying follow-up of hair removal. The shaver head is specialized with hypoallergenic stainless-steel foils and blades—no chance of infectious nips and cuts. The dual-disc epilator head covers a colossal surface and takes less time.

Moreover, the tiny epilator attachment and the bikini comb do the job of shaping and styling quite impressively.

You will find a unique roller-like attachment, which actually is a pedicure paddle. It scraps of dead skin for smooth ankles and pretty feet. You can switch to the wet-dry mode to epilate in shover for convenience.

  • Dual disc epilator with 42 tweezers.
  • Pedicure buffer for feet.
  • Bikini and gentle epilation comb.
  • Shaver head with hypoallergenic foil.
  • Dry\wet use.
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee.
  • Not suitable for longer hair.

Final Words

Those who categorically require tending to their feet and legs will be benefitted from the Panasonic ES-ED90-P. Taking the kit along with you will enable you to have incessant, soft, clear feet and legs.

Philips Beauty HP6401/50 Satinelle Essential

HP 6401 Satinelle Essential is the bestselling epilator of Philips. Despite lacking technological features and extras, it remains the best-selling model due to its durability and quality performance.

The epilator though not suitable for sensitive and smaller areas, gives accurate results in what it does. There aren’t any extras except for one precision cap, which also is not very handy.

The price for such limited use is relatively high, but then again, the durability does justice for the money you pay.

This is a small rounded printed surface epilator. The design comfortably fits in hand for continuous epilation.

There is this key benefit of extended hours use. It is corded so that it can use it continuously for a long time. Best for legs and arms.

It’s a dry use epilator and cannot be used on wet skin. However, you can detach the epilator head and rinse it with water to maintain hygiene.

It can remove hair as small as 0.5mm and gives you weeks of hairless skin. Saves you the money and trouble of waxing and spas. Dual speed options let you opt for gentle epilation.

  • Durable manufacture.
  • Suitable for legs and arms.
  • Removes hair of minimum 0.5mm.
  • Dual speed.
  • There are no useful additional parts and technology.

Final Words

We recommend the Philips Satinelle Essential to experienced users. The low technology won’t be any suitable for beginners, but the epilator is best for your legs and arms if you have been epilating for a while. Gives you a week of confident, clear skin.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine is a well-built, powerful epilator. Features a striking scarlet finish. This epilator model contains the greatest number of tweezers in all likelihood.

The epilator head is put together with no less than 72 fast-moving tweezers. It removes a large number of hairs in one slide only.

The tweezers are arranged in three rows; one fixed and two moveables. This unique configuration is a step to fanatic hair removal experiences.

Best epilator for legs in minimum possible time. However, it won’t be possible to epilate smaller and sensitive areas.

So, if you prefer to shave your sensitive areas like the armpits and bikini line no matter what so ever, you should definitely go for the Emjoi Emagine.

Features exclusive lifting fingers that strictly pull out hair from roots and eliminate chances of ingrown hairs. Dual speed allows sensitive skin to be epilated gently.

There is an antimicrobial silver-ion material used in the manufacture, preventing bacterial growth and infections from keeping your skin healthy and clear.

It’s  a dry use, corded epilator with an ergonomic, comfortable grip. It does not involve complex operations and is user-friendly.

  • Includes cleaning brush for epilator.
  • Loofa to dust of hair from the skin.
  • Durable and robust construction.
  • Saves time.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • It may be painful for the first few times.

Final Words

Those who like to epilate their legs and arms solely must look into the Emjoi Emagine. It saves you a lot of time and gives the best long-lasting results compared to any other method.

Braun Epilator Silk-epil 5 5-280

Here we bring you another wonder of Braun; the silk-epil 5. It features a similar design to other Braun models.

The extras are decreased in number, but the price is also reduced simultaneously. The silk-epil 5 is a dermatologically recommended epilator for safe and healthy hair removal.

The epilator head 40 close-grip tweezers to remove hair with a minimum length of 0.5mm. Features a pivoting head that moves closely with your contours and works conveniently.

The epilator head is mounted with mini massage rollers that soothe your skin and reduce pain sensation. You get a pleasant cooling glove that helps to fade redness and avoid little bumps.

Refrigerate the glove and pat your skin once you are done removing all the hair. There is a shaving head with a trimming comb to shape the bikini line and a precision cap for small areas.

Keep your epilator clean by frequently rinsing off the epilator head and brushing residual hair and dirt with the brush provided.

Look out that the epilator is not waterproof, so you have to remove the attachment for washing. Also, the epilator cannot be recharged.

The entire accessories, along with the epilator, can easily fit in a mesh bag you can carry anywhere you go.

  • Dual speed.
  • Smart light technology.
  • Includes cooling glove.
  • Sensitive area cap.
  • Dermatologically recommended.
  • Not suitable for longer hair.

Final Words

The silk-epil 5 is highly recommended for sensitive skins. The additional cooling glove fades any kind of irritation or stinging. Safe to use on face and bikini line.

Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator for Women ES-EL7A-P

Presenting the most efficient epilator model from Panasonic, ES-EL7A-P is a 3-in-1 full body hair removal system.

It provides epilation, shaving, and trimming for every part. This is a T-shaped, rose gold, good-looking epilator.

With a total of five attachments, it tends to your every hair removal requirement. The head has two rows of tweezers totaling a sixty.

These tweezers are hypoallergenic and remove hair quickly as a flash. The 90-degree rotating head serves contact with skin and smoothly hugs your contours.

Almost all the epilators out there have just two-speed options, but this Panasonic epilator has three levels of speed to be adjusted for different body areas.

The swap heads include a bikini comb, sensitive caps, and a shaver head with a slide-up trimmer. You can shave larger areas like skin and arms or trim them first to epilate without pain.

The sleek, user-friendly handle provides for a comfortable grip. It’s a wet and dry use epilator. You can use it with a bath gel for lush, smooth skin that glows inwardly.

The smart light is located close to the head and illuminates your skin for reaching the hard-to-see areas like the underarms.

Your complete body hair removal kit comes with a duffle-string pouch to take it with you wherever you go. Wash your epilator and clean it with the brush.

  • Full-body epilator.
  • 5 attachments.
  • Cleaning brush and travel pouch included.
  • Cordless and washable.
  • 3 speed levels.
  • Low battery capacity.

Final Words

The Panasonic ES-EL7A-P is particularly recommended for those individuals who choose to epilate hair from the whole body. The speed settings and precision attachments allow epilating delicate skin and also the larger skin areas.

Remington Smooth & Silky Deluxe Epilator, EP7030E

Remington Deluxe epilator is the best affordable epilator for long-lasting, silky, smooth skin. Its forty-tweezer technology gives maximum coverage for more hairs to be removed in one glide.

A powerful motor-driven tweezer system rotates at turbo speed for quick action. There aren’t many accessories except for a couple of caps, which is an excellent snag here.

But for basic legs and arms hair removal, it’s one of the cheapest methods.

It includes some essential technologies, including the detail LED light. The light turns on automatically as you start the device and helps you track down every single hair strand.

Gives you precise and long-lasting results. Surprisingly, it is a wet and dry use epilator, and you won’t easily get this feature at a low price like this.

Use it in the shower for the best results. However, the head is not very pivoting but is angled accurately for accessing different regions. Moreover, the epilator is cordless, and you can charge it for use anywhere.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Two precision caps.
  • Massaging cap with aloe vera.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable.
  • Lacks modern technology.
  • Not very durable.

Final Words

Those tight on the budget can make use of this epilator model from Remington. It serves the primary epilation needs quite well and is time-saving too. You won’t regret investing in this epilator.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator – 36

The Emjoi soft caress epilator features a somewhat quirky design and is glamorous in its looks. It comes at a very affordable price.

The epilator is suitable for sensitive areas due to its hypoallergenic technology. Unlike other models featuring this technology, the soft caress has gold-plated tweezers. These gold-plated tweezers are the least reactive and do not rust or cause infections.

There are tiny finger-like massage modifications that reduce the pain sensation and make your experience pleasant.

The gold-plated feature is not found elsewhere, especially at such a low price. The slanted design provides a perfect hand grip and increases skin contact.

There is an additional scrubbing head for removing dead skin. Dual speed control and includes cleaning kit with loofa.

The best thing is that the entire parts come in a very convenient zip-up travel pouch. You can carry it in any handbag or luggage without worrying about damage. All stays safe and available wherever you go.

  • Cleaning tools.
  • Loofa and instruction manual.
  • Hypoallergenic gold-plated technology.
  • 36 tweezer blades.
  • Travel-friendly zip-up pouch
  • Not of durable quality.

Final Words

If you want clear and hair-free skin on your vacations or honeymoon, then take the Emjoi soft caress along. The compact design and zip-up pouch will save you space and hair removal worries.

Braun Epilator Silk-epil 3 3-270

This is a very affordable and straightforward epilator model from Braun. The lower price also removes the extras from the package.

But, being new to epilation, you can do with the simple epilator and shaving head. The decreased tweezer number will be suitable for beginners. Using advanced models for first-timers can be quite painful.

You will get a shaving head, and you can use it for sensitive areas if you do not feel like epilating them. There is also a trimming comb, which helps cut the longer hair to reduce pain as low as possible.

The tiny massage rollers help soothe your skin and add to comfort. There are low and high-speed settings.

To start, you should use the low-speed to avoid the agony, and when your skin gets used to, you can go for a higher speed.

The smart LED light on the top helps to locate even the tiniest of the hair strand and give you clear, smooth skin for up to four weeks. This is a dermatologically approved epilator for safe hair removal.

  • Gentle on skin.
  • Dual speed settings.
  • Small epilator head to reduce pain.
  • Massage rollers.
  • Not rechargeable and waterproof.

Final Words

Those who fear pain and stinging while removing body hair can try this gentle epilator with only 20 tweezers. Beginners can get the epilator at a low cost and test if it works out for them. Safe for every skin type.

Best Epilators For Women; Buyers Guide,

Being electronic devices, epilators merge several details for proper functioning. The facts and features vary from model to model. Several extras are also provided with many epilators.

You can easily find a model with your desired accessories. Here are some mainstream factors to consider before purchasing an epilator.

1. Face

Epilators from individual brands range from $30 to $300. The thing which creates such a gap between the extremes is the quality and performance.

For simple and straightforward use, you won’t need to buy fancy epilators. On the other hand, some luxury-lovers may prefer expensive ones.

2. Tweezer Numbers

The number of hairs an epilator removes in one glide depends upon the number of tweezers on the epilator head.

Generally ranging from 20 to 70, the tweezer number makes a significant difference in performance.

However, a greater tweezer number will increase pain too. So, those among you who don’t do great with pain should give a thought before making a purchase.

3. Dry & Wet Use

Such epilators are waterproof and can be used on wet skin. We recommend a dry and wet use epilator because they significantly reduce pain and are more fruitful.

4. Accessories

With the greater price, you generally get many additional parts. They improve results and boost your skin. Massagers, shavers, exfoliators, precision caps and cleaning tools prove handy for your skincare routine.

5. Charging

Where some epilators need a cord to work continuously, many others can be charged and used without direct power. This type is beneficial as you can epilate practically anytime and anywhere.

How to Use an Epilator?

  • Prepare Your Skin:Don’t just go straight on the skin and start epilating. You should clean and exfoliate your skin first. This removes the dead skin cells and also opens your pores. Open pores give off hair very quickly.
  • Be Patient: There isn’t a need to rush over your skin and apply too much pressure. This won’t help the tweezers run smoothly. Be comfortable and gentle and move the epilator against your hair direction. Hold the epilator at a right angle to your skin and make sure to hold your skin taut. This prevents the growth of ingrown hairs.
  • After Epilation: Once you are done with removing your hair, clean your skin, preferably wash it if you are using a dry epilator. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin subsequently for smoothness and softness.

Tips for Best Results:

  • Use a waterproof epilator to get best results with minimum pain and redness.
  • Use epilators before bed. This calms your skin overnight and wanes the redness.
  • Epilate right after your period. Your skin is least sensitive to pain after your period and epilation is less painful at that time.
  • Epilate on warm skin, preferably in warm water. It will increase blood circulation and open up your pores.
  • Wash your skin and rinse your epilator after each use to prevent infections.


Epilators are a very effective and feasible method of hair removal which leave you with smooth, clear skin for prolonged periods.

However, to get desirable results you need to use a good epilator along withalong with precise procedure.

Once you get a hold on epilators there won’t be any retracting. Hopefully this article helped you choose the best epilator for your skin. Happy epilating!

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