Best Manscaping Trimmers For Men | Reviews & Buyers Guide 2021

best manscaping trimmer

One of the major concerns while you manscape down there, around your private sensitive areas, is to find the best mans-capping trimmer that does the job smoothly without cutting or scratching yourself.

The wrong tool can make things worse.That’s to say, you need a tool that’s safe, smooth with multiple features included for added safety and security.

While in some cases a good razor or a groomer does the job but given the sensitivity of your skin and private parts, balls, the personal trimmers for private parts, and the rest of the body are preferred to provide you maximum comfort and protection against cuts, scratches or skin irritation.

Trimming is certainly a tricky job. Nonetheless, it is fun provided you get the right thing in your hands. We have selected the top 10 best manscaping trimmers for you, to make things easy, as per the reviews, practical experience as per the buyers guide added here.

What is Manscaping?


The term manscaping (man+landscaping) literally refers to the exercise of removing unwanted hair on your body. It is the essential man’s grooming need of today facilitated with a lot of grooming tools in the market

Best Manscaping Trimmers for Men in 2021


Among the list of multiple products, we have brought these 6 Best Manscaping trimmers for men.  This well researched list of top 6 manscaping tools is definitely you must need to have in your preferences

 1. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100

Designed to be the best effortless body grooming tool with maximum comfort and safety of your body part, Philip Norelco does the best job.

It features excellent self-sharpening blades, long-lasting battery, and zero skin cuts or irritation. It is 2 in 1 solution of best body trimmer and shaver.

Being a suitable body shaver, the Philip Norelco provides you the comfort of trimming down there, without harming down your private body parts.

It is the best body trimmer and shaver, offering you the convenience at your ease, trimming or shaving on the go.

A versatile tool with Multi pivoting head, rounded blades, self-sharpening blades with adjustable trimming makes Norelco the best option on the go.

With adjustable 5 length setting and rounded blades, you can trim or shave down every part of your body comfortably.

When done, you can simply rinse it clean. The long-lasting battery gives you the power up to 80 minutes with an hour charge is a certain advantage.

  • A fairly long-lasting battery up to 80 minutes with an instant charge of 1 hour

  • The firm rubber grip makes it easy to handle without the fear of slipping out of your hands.
  • Shower resistant. Shave while you in the shower
  • Skin close shave featuring 3D pivoting head with zero skin harm
  • Easily adjustable 5 length setting makes you choose whatever length setting you to want.
  • 2 in 1 option of trimming or shaving with self-sharpening blades as an added bonus.

  • Extendable handle to trim down hard to reach areas around your back

  • A little bit messy on the first use only. Fit for regular users



  • The dual sided handle allows you to shave or trim all of your body zones with one tool
  • With 5 adjustable lengths and self sharpening blades to target all body groom areas
  • Easy to use and clean, while wet or dry
  • 80 minutes cordless use after a 1 hour charge

Final Words


The Philip Norelco Bodygroom 7100 is the best buy manscaping tool on the go. It is definitely a recommended electric body shaver with 2 in solution and additional features included.

2. Panasonic Electric Body Groomer and Trimmer for Men ER-GK60-S

The second Pic in our list is Panasonic ER GK60 hair groomer for the reasons being the best cordless full body trimmer designed to provide you a gentle feel. The first job it does is protect your skin by featuring anti-allergic skin protective blades.

The ultra thin blades are carefully designed to shave preventing skin irritation or cuts. For a precise and anti-slip shaving experience, Panasonic comes with a sleek I shape design. It gives you excellent control when you maneuver it around in any direction.

You can easily trim your sensitive, hard to reach areas like back, shoulders, etc by holding the end of the handle. The v shape of the head offers maximum convenience to personal grooming.

It is water washable and can easily be used under the light showers. It comes with a stylish charging stand with battery backup up to 40 minutes on the go.

  • Anti allergic and Wide edge skin protection blades system with zero irritation and maximum comfort.
  • A superior I shaped design for an accurate shaving
  • A super sleek look with controllable grip
  • Build as easy to trim hard to reach areas with an easily hold-able end.
  • Short Battery uptime, 40 minutes on a full charge



  • Gentle wide edge blades:
  • V shaped head
  • Additional trimmer attachments
  • Wet/dry convenience
  • Cordless operation

Final Words


If you are looking for the best manscaping trimmer with excellent skin protection, this one is really recommended on our list.

With a wide edge, anti allergic blade system for smooth trimming experience, you should definitely give it a look.

It really stands up to its talk of offering maximum trimming comfort especially for private and hard to reach areas.

3. Cleancut – ES412 – Intimate and Sensitive Area Shaver

The Cleancut is one of most suitable, versatile, and the first in line is the best public hair trimmer for decades.
The Cleancut is an incredibly ideal choice of shaving anywhere around your body. It is an idealistic choice for shaving around underarm, hair, leg, bikini lines, etc without feeling an iota of pain or whatsoever.

The superb design and fantastic features, the Cleancut, cuts hair near to the skin, with maximum precision and skin safety.

The triple blade system gives a fine aftershave finish. The unique stainless steel durable design with maximum maneuverability and battery uptime gives you a wonderful experience when you shave down there.

The Cleancut however, recommends you to cut long hair first with a recommended trimmer, for the best shaving experience.

  • A Skin safe experience with unique aftershave skin finishing.
  • It offers maximum comfort for shaving sensitive skin.
  • A durable, long lasting excellent makeup.
  • Not recommended on long and wet hair.


  • C-cell battery (1) required-not included.
  • Note: no trimmer is included. no electric shaver (face shaver or personal shaver) will cut hair long
  • Use for underarms, bikini line,

Final Words


The Cleancut is really fine in line and a best recommended product for clean shaving experience. It is one of the most branded and versatile products that definitely stands up to its claims.

4. Gillette All Purpose Styler Beard Trimmer

The Gillette is a fine addition in the list of doing multiple tasks in one go, trimming, shaving, and edging.

It is simply a tasking tool that features Barun Engineered technology with 3 combs that are exchangeable. The customizable length option gives you the maximum shaving control and a fine grip.

The multi tasking is powered by Barun Engineering to facilitate smooth trimming, shaving and edging.

You can barely feel it on your skin while trimming or shaving. The gentle blades fall quite smoothly on your skin without irritation or itching.

You can go with well precised trimming and edging by a smooth turning of the razor blade. The smooth edging makes it easy for you to adopt any facial hairstyle, style beards, or mustaches. The Gillette Styler is completely water secure.

Forget the worry of shock or whatsoever when you use it in the shower. It wonderfully works with Gillette fusion5 blades to offer you maximum personal shaving experience.

  • A smooth design works well around all body parts.
  • A technology driven solution for multi tasking in one go.
  • It is water secure.
  • Requires external batteries to operate



  • Includes: 1 trimmer, 1 proglide blade refill, 3 comb attachments (for different hair lengths), 1 bat
  • Waterproof and shower safe
  • 3 comb sizes (2mm, 4mm, 6mm) for customizing your style
  • Fits all gillette 5-blade razor refills (excluding gillettelabs)
  • Precision trimmer for edging designed for crisp, defined lines

Final Words


The Gillette Fusion All Purpose Styler is an excellent product for all in one job, shaving, trimming, and edging. It is a unique product in the review list that offers you the maximum convenience to adopt style up to your choice.

A lightweight product in a list with maximum benefits, it is really the best manscaping trimmer that you are looking for.

5. Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit, Beard Trimmer

Remington is a complete grooming solution for trimming, shaving, and clipping. It provides you the full-body trimming solution around every part of your body, including public areas.

The full kit comes with 8 customizable attachments to cover all your grooming needs including complete shaving and trimming unwanted hair for nose, ears, and the rest of your body. It also includes a hair clipper comb with multiple length settings for you.

The self-sharpening steel blades have been made to add more value and task performance. It is water safe, excluding its body which is not waterproof.

You can easily detach it and rinse it clean. With full recharge, it offers up to 70 minutes run time that is well enough for normal tasks.

While on the charge on charging stand, you can check to charge status with its charging indication light. It is a brand product and comes with two years warranty.

  • Surgical sharp blades system to cut close to the skin.
  • An all body grooming kit with personal setting.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • The trimmer is less useful for thick hair types



  • 9 attachments for all your grooming needs:
  • Lithium power with up to 70 minutes of cordless runtime
  • Self sharpening, surgical steel blade
  • Washable attachments
  • 2 year limited warranty

Bottom Line


With all the options included Remington PG525 is a great money value. It is the most suitable, a versatile and budget-friendly buy if you are looking for.

6. Philips Norelco Body groomer 1026 / 60

Coming down next to Philips Norelco 7100, this one is considerable choice in the list with the value it offers.

With integrated skin protector guards, it gives a smooth feeling when you use it private parts, to trim down balls hair.

It feels quite light and comfortable while you trim down underarms, chest or private body parts.

It is loaded with bidirectional hair trimming. You can easily trim forward and backward for a zero hair performance. It literally cuts every unwanted hair with smooth easy maneuverability.

You can trim while on shower because it is water safe and easy to wash it clean. It works well on both dry or wet skin. It is nicely built a portable trimmer that operates with on AA battery.

Philip Norelco is portable easy to pack and carry trimmer with optimum battery performance on normal use.

For maximum customer satisfaction, Body groom 1100 facilitates you with 45 days free trial and 2 years full warranty.

  • Bi directional trimming for smooth and harmless trimming.
  • Lightweight, easy to pack, and carry.
  • Works on both wet or dry skin types.
  • Not suitable for quick trimming, especially long hair.



  • Includes one aa battery, for up to 2 months use
  • Integrated skin protector guards your skin while you trim
  • Bi-directional trimmer
  • 3mm comb comfortably trims longer hair

Final Words:


With all options included, the BG1026/60 is the best trimmer for light trimming jobs. Given its durability and affordability, we will recommend you, if you are looking for a budget-friendly product with these options.

Best Manscaping Trimmers | Buyers Guide, How to Find Best Trimmer | Evaluation Criteria for Best Manscaping Trimmer


What’s the best Manscaping Trimmer?


While the market is flooded with a lot of options to go with but, hold on, given the sensitivity of matter included, private part shaving or trimming indeed, you can’t just throw yourself to any product on the go.

That’s to the expert opinion, a practical try and thought best manscaping trimmer guide, is the thing, that you should look, to make up your mind.

But before you throng upon the list, let us make it clear how we have chosen the best manscaping trimmer for you.

Reviews of Best Manscaping Trimmer: Buyers Guide 2021


As said, there has to be a criterion of a thing or product to rely upon. That’s to say we have, the above mentioned list of trimmers guides reviews has been prepared with extensive research, practical user reviews, and ratings.

Every best effort has been made by our team to make you go confidently for buying the best trimmer of choice. The list is impartial, practical, and based upon real user reviews and feedback.

How to select Best Manscaping Trimmer for You?


Keeping the discussion ahead, let me tell you clearly, that, apart from extensive research reviews, the following points have been taken into the consideration for choosing the list of Best Manscaping tools in 2020 for all of your needs including trimming, body grooming, shaving, edging styling, etc.

1. Skin Protection


Well, it all comes down to your skin protection. That’s to say, you can’t afford a rash, irritation, cut, or anything heavier on your skin.

What you use upon your skin, should definitely by skin secure with maximum comfort and smooth shaving or trimming experience.

Moreover, when it comes down more even to your private parts, balls, testicles, etc, you can never compromise over its safety. Since the private parts are sensitive, they need the most secure product to let go of the hair.

The allergenic skin is another concern of many. Therefore, for the best manscaping experience, you should hold a gentle product in your hands.

2. Blades Quality


The fine blade quality with additional support technology matters the most. The sharp blades with additional skin protection guards do the best jobs. The blades should cut nicely and cut comfortably for a smooth experience.

 3. A through versatile After Experience


When we talk about manscaping versatility when referring to a product that is equally helpful for multiple purposes.

The best product should be in that sense, a product that offers you a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Piling up different products for cutting, shaving, or edging, is no way preferable. Therefore, a single best product with maximum performance is preferred.

However, for personalized value, you may add up to 2 same products for tasks like one for public hair shaving and trimming, the other for the other tasks.

4. Power up Options


For power up point of view, the list selected falls into two categories; battery powered and the rechargeable ones. However, the power up options has self explanatory choice.

You can choose up to your interest or preference. It has nothing to do with working performance of your trimmer.

5. Wet, Dry or Seamless trimming Experience


Most of trimmers and shavers provide seamless dry and wet experience, save a few ones. Here again, the ball falls on your end. You can go with either, with dry, wet or the seamless ones.

Most of the products in list are water resistant and facilitates you the quick job done, while you are in the shower. Trimming or shaving while you are wet softens your pubes and offers you a nice experience.

6. Additional Options included;


Apart from the mandatory options of ease, discussed above, a further convenience is provided to you, as per your choice.

The additional options include; adjustable height settings for making it easy to cut or shave hard to reach areas, skin safety support guards, maneuverability, customizable attachment setting and charging stands with fine packing etc.

Common Questions Regarding Personalized Grooming Kits/tools


We have tried to address all of your common queries regarding manscaping tools. We will continue to add the more common question to help you have the right buying decision for having the best manscaping tool for you

1. What If to Use Normal Regular Razor for Grooming instead of Personalized Body groomers?


Interesting! There’s a thin line between body grooming and regular shaving. Shaving though, has been essential with us since ages but, for the grooming, it has recently spiked up the interest of every second one.

Though it has not been completely new to many. Body grooming used to be looked at a complete women’s choice. But now, as time passes, there’s more about Personalized body groomers to cater every day’s needs.

Secondly, for body grooming you need specialized body groomers, manscaping tools to do the jobs, i.e shaving or trimming all around your body including hard to reach public areas.

For that ease and comfort, the body groomers are loaded with features like comfortable trimming or shaving all body parts, sensitive areas, pubes, balls, etc.

For extra consideration, they come with power options included, with multitasking functions, for the people of varying needs and preferences.

That’s to say you can’t use a regular normal razor or any other trimming tool as the body groomer and vise versa.

2. Why it is recommended to have 2 trimmers for body parts instead of a single one?


It is normally recommended, as per the preference of people, to have two trimmers; one for trimming pubes and the other for the rest of your body parts.

The separate trimmer for sensitive part is recommended as your private are parts are sensitive. You can’t afford a chance of bringing bacteria or to your balls from the rest of body part. It is hygienically a sound and suitable preference



Trimming is a tricky business. It involves your sensitive skin against sharp edged blades. If went worse, it can spoil your skin by cutting it apart.

Therefore, we have taken much effort to bring you this a thoroughly researched guide for best manscaping or trimming experience.

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