Keeping long beards for any reason? It is idealistically a tougher job to groom a long beard without having the right thing your hands, i.e best long beards trimmer.

While the regular shaver does the jobs for normal shaving. For the long beards like yours, you need the one that brings you the desired comfort while you trim on.

Cutting it short, you need something best, value added trimmer that helps you to style up with additional options to go with.

Luckily, We have managed to bring a well researched buyers guide that will surely address your concerns about finding the best valuable trimmer for your long beards.

5 Best Trimٰmers for Long Beards in 2021

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The long beard trimming becomes a messy job with the wrong thing in your right hand? We must agree that long beards offer you maximum styling options but that, too, can only happen with a valuable tool that facilitates long beards styling with maximum comfort.

1. Panasonic Men’s Precision ER-SB40-K

Panasonic is the best choice for accurate and refreshing cutting and trimming experience. With wonderful features included this corded and cordless use, the best value of your money.

One of the finest things, that you must look into it, is the super powerful motor. A refined motor that is built to work with maximum accuracy and continuity.

The super speed linear motor has the ability to offer 9800 cuts per Minute (CPM)! The ultra smooth performance cuts evenly on all thick or thin beards.

The wide stainless steel made blades are, definitely, the best. They offer you a maximum irritation free skin performance.

You can cut comfortably all hair including the ones that lie scattered and flat around your neck and around. Not only this, but you can style your beard with the rounded blade tip.

The instant styling has been made very easy. Apart from the comb attachment with Panasonic, the instant adjust dial is a super cool option to go on.

To make you style up you look as you please, it comes with different length setting options. You can literally adjust any setting with built in 19 individual hair settings in this machine.

The tool is easy to clean. The open drain in the head, lets you pass the warm water to clean it thoroughly.

  • Very powerful motor with peaceful and speedy performance.

  • The rounded blades ensure that no hair is left. A thorough cutting experience.
  • Made with super ABS plastic to ensure the body is durable and unbreakable.
  • It can be operated both corded and cordless.

  • Not fast charging takes up to 8 hours to full battery charge for 45 minutes performance.



  • Adjustable beard trimmer dial
  • High-performance motor with a linear drive
  • Ergonomic, rubberized grip provides for grip comfort and control
  • Cordless/corded operation
  • Precision wide tip blades

2. Wahl Stainless Steel Beard & Nose Trimmer

Made with stainless steel, sleek and slim body and proven performance gives, Wahl a great certainty up in the list of best clippers & trimmers.

WAHL are branded products with consistent service delivery experience in the market. Since, the long beards require a consistent machine running with continuous performance, battery timing, and a greater flexible grips.

WAHL offers an excellent ergonomic handle that doesn’t let you hands tire while you work. The blades are the best, self sharpening and made in accordance with having durability under the best performance.

Idealistically the blades can go for even over months with excellent self sharpening performance. The extended battery life is another beautiful feature.

With an instant full battery recharge, you can have a great battery performance of 4 hours in one go. The quick one minute charge function is wonderfully best to let you work when you are in a hurry.

Keeping all of your requirements in mind, WAHL full kit includes must have tools for trimming, grooming for beards, nose, ear, mustache etc.

  • An aesthetically slim and sleek stainless steel body look.

  • An all in One multi purpose tool for shaving, trimming, clipping or styling.
  • Great battery performance with a dual voltage machine, recharge with any voltage anywhere.
  • 12 attachment guards to style beard in varying settings.
  • LED charging Indicator.

  • Sometimes hard to turn on or off, especially for first time users.

  • Partially water resistant, Water may seep into, if exposed in all to water.



  • Powerful lithium ion battery
  • Five minute quick charge and 1 hour full charge
  • 3 beard guides, ear nose and brow detailer, dual foil shaver, t-blade trimmer with three guide combs
  • Rechargeable
  • English and spanish instructions

3. Philips Norelco Multi-groom 5100 Grooming Kit

The Philip Norelco Multi Groom 5100 is a complete grooming solution to style yourself as you want.

Coming down on it, this multi groom is a well structured metal trimmer with unique attachments and self setting options for keeping various looking styles.

The kit comes with all one 1 solution for beard, head, mustaches, ear, and nose. You can literally keep up any face as you want

The self sharpening chromium blades are made to offer a fine and durable performance. The skin cut or irritation is prevented by the rounded blade tips on it. You can freely glide it on your face without the worry of skin irritation or otherwise.

The comb attachment offers the different settings as per the need. The trimming of the beard of stubble has been greatly facilitated by it.

The motor performance has been enhanced with turbo technology. It fastens the performance with the smooth cutting of every hair type

The battery performance is relatively good. It offers a continuous performance of 60 minutes with an easy full recharge of the same time.

Moreover, the instant 5 minutes quick recharge option included is very useful when you need it quickly for adding or styling. The automatic voltage (100-240 volts) is great deal. You can recharge anywhere.

  • All in one Grooming solution for trimming, shaving styling with all additional attachments.

  • Heavy turbo mode Power Motor extends the functionality and speed.
  • Durable chromium blades with lasting performance without skin cut or irritation.

  • Little issues in battery performance, especially on heavy use.



  • 7 tools for all-in-one face and head styling
  • Chromium steel self-sharpening blades ensures long-lasting performance
  • 18 built-in length settings
  • Enhanced Performance Technology
  • Lithium-ion power with up to 60 minutes of cordless use and adaptable for worldwide voltage.

4. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT7215/49

The Philips Norelco brand boast the universal trust in quality and user satisfaction for producing the quality value added shaver and trimmers over time.

Coming close to Norelco BT7215/49 cuts accurately to the end with skin safe experience due to an added Life & Trim technology. The self sharpening

stainless steel blades with unique technology addition ensures that none hair is left after the use. There are 20 customized settings for accurate cutting from 0.5 to 10mm.

When you move the Norelco trimmer on your face, it feels quite easy on skin. It is made for irritation or skin cut free experience.

There is an internal vacuum system that stores your cut hair inside. Once done, you can clean up the bin with the brush.

The Norelco BT7215/49 is powered with a high speed motor. There are two fans that suck the hair towards to ensure that the blades cut them accurately. That’s to say, it cuts all hair evenly, even the flatly lying hair.

The Philip Norelco BT7215/49 provides the battery performance up to 80 minute on single charge. That is well sufficient for an optimum use. You can also use if while it is plug in.

  • A high speed meter with two fans beside for an accurate trimming experience.

  • A sufficient battery performance up to 80 minutes on a single recharge.
  • Stainless steel blades with irritation free performance.
  • A built system to store small hair inside a bin to clean later.

  • The plastic tabs to support attachments are weak on continuous use.



  • The integrated vacuum system catches up to 90% of cut hair for less mess.
  • The dualcut pro system steel blades
  • 20 lengths, 4 attachments spin the zoom wheel to lock in 20 length settings
  • Dvanced lithium-ion battery

5. Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Slate Beard Trimmer for Men

Wahl is the brand recognized with sleek and super quality trimmers and shavers. Among all WAHL products, this one is your all in one body grooming kit.

While on the look, Wahl 9864SS is made of durable stainless steel. On the blades, they are self sharpening stainless steel made.

You can definitely keep the tool with continuous use, for an optimum period of time. There are four different trimmer heads on the tool to use each for beards, nose, eyebrows, and ears. It is a complete shaving and trimming experience.

Along with heads, you get 12 comb attachments to style up multiple settings. The battery gives you a full 6 hours of performance with an instant 1-hour recharge. It is literally to carry when you are on travel, vacations, etc.

You can charge it in any voltage output because it offers universal voltage (110/220). In addition to that, WAHL 9864SS facilitates an instant 1-minute recharge to last up to 5 minutes for quick tasks.

  • The battery doesn’t suck up power even if you keep it for months unused.

  • Multi purposes shaving, trimming, and hair styling solution at home.
  • A durable and lightweight stainless steel body makeup.
  • Dual voltage, Charge anywhere

  • No waterproof safety.



  • All-in-one beard trimmer featuring 4 different attachment heads
  • Months without charging lithium ion 2.0+ technology allows for 6 hours of continuous run time
  • 12 individual guide combs
  • Worldwide voltage with 6 hours of run time

6. Wahl Lithium-Ion Total Beard Trimmer

This is one of the best trimmers for a long beard which provides smooth and precise trim to style your beard as per your need. It comes with several comb lengths and widths for any beard and mustache. The lithium-ion of the device allows wide cutting lengths with its guide combs. The self-sharpening precision stainless steel blades make it stay sharper for longer.


  1. The no-slip grip makes great hold.
  2. Several cutting lengths for the beard.
  3. Self-sharping precision stainless steel blades.


  1. Poor quality material in hand.
  2. Teeth guards are flimsy.

7. Remington MB4045B The Beardsman

This cordless beard trimmer is one of the best trimmers for long beards from Remington. The lithium power of the device delivers high performance while the combs and other tools of the device help in efficient trimming. The zoom wheel just locks in and adjusts the position of combs. It also features blade assembly clips and is easy for maintenance and cleaning.


  1. Zoom wheel to adjust the position of combs.
  2. Comes with a thick-bristled bard brush.
  3. Pop-up detail trimmer.


  1. Hair might trap inside.
  2. Flawed design.

8. Ceenwes Beard Trimmer & Hair Clipper

The brand boasts of its beard trimmer model which are considered the best trimmers for long beards in the market. The trimmer blades of the device are made of high-quality material. It includes an LED charging indicator which informs about charging status. It also comes with a cutting head and adjustable trimmer settings.


  1. Versatile and easy to use.
  2. Great battery life.


  1. Blades not sharp enough.
  2. Not much sturdy.

9. Braun Beard Trimmer BT5260

The electric beard trimmer from Braun has an adjustable guard built and adjustable length guard. The blade of the device is sharp and full charges for longer. The autosensing technology reads beard and adjusts the power of the trimmer motor to its thickness, The motor of the device provides extra power. It also has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery and can be washed with water easily.


  1. Super sharp blade and high quality.
  2. Can charge the trimmer in an hour.
  3. Better length settings.


  1. Can be noisy.
  2. The dial might turn easily.

10.Suprent Adjustable Beard Trimmer

If you are looking for the best trimmers for a long beard then this cordless beard trimmer kit can be the best pick. It is cordless with a rechargeable battery that lasts for an hour after charging. The adjustable precision dial help to provide precision and control of beard style. It also has a titanium stainless steel blade which provides desired beard style.


  1. Cordless and easy to use.
  2. Stainless steel blades that provide precise cuts.
  3. Turbo-boost that helps in tackling with a thick beard.


  1. Expensive
  2. Noisy
  3. Battery life might not last longer than an hour.

11. Panasonic Multigroom Beard Trimmer

With super sharp angle stainless steel and hypoallergic blades, trimming your beard is a breeze with this Panasonic Multigroom beard trimmer. It is also considered one of the best trimmers for a long beard and is the best cordless beard trimmer of all time. The precision setting of the device has personalized sculpting, cutting, and trimming features.


  1. High-quality stainless steel.
  2. Trim guides built into the unit.
  3. Durable and easy to use.



  1. Battery life does not remain consistent.
  2. Noisy

12. Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

With the longer length settings of the device, the Remington model is considered one of the best-corded beard trimmers for long beards. This device features ideal performance for facial hair and also helps in sensing the level and thickness of hair automatically. The motorized comb can be set according to the choice while the digital touch screen helps in the control of the device.


  1. It has longer length settings of beard trimming.
  2. Can be used with or without a cord.
  3. Budget-friendly.


  1. Battery life is not long.
  2. Trimmer might get hot during trimming.

13. Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer

It is one of the best long beard trimmers from Hatteker who want to flaunt their beard in style. The trimmer comes with 3 different attachments that can be perfect for a hair clipper, detail trimmer, beard trimmer, and many more. The high-carbon self-sharpening blades are precise to stay sharp longer. The durable motor of the device helps in lasting its rechargeable batter longer.


  1. Charges quickly.
  2. Long-lasting battery.
  3. Durable motor.


  1. The material might look cheap in hand.

14. Navanino Beard Trimmer

This beard trimmer kit is considered one of the best trimmers for long beards from the brand. The R-angle security cutter head of the device makes it easier for trimming and is not allergic to skin. It is waterproof and can be soaked in water for cleaning. The product also supports battery use and the connection of the charging cable. You get the maximum length of guide comb for your requirement.


  1. Can be submerged in water and makes it easy to clean.
  2. Can be operated on wet or dry hair.
  3. Can be used cordless.


  1. Plastic guards might feel flimsy.
  2. Can take a bit long time for a full charge.

Buyers Guide: How to Find the Best Trimmer for Long Beards; Long Beards Styling & Trimming


Beards add beauty to men. It is rightly said that a man without beards is like a lion walking without a mane. A long, stylish and well cared beard is an added masculine beauty.

Best beards are liked by girls even. Since they add attractiveness to the male. Growing a long, thick, and stylish beard, nevertheless, is the cost of time, for one who wishes to entice women around him.

But, growing beards hair without proper care and maintenance would scare everyone away. It might give you a ghostly appearance. A man without a properly trimmed and stylish beard can’t find the girls around him.

Fortunately, this painstaking task is made easy. Find you, there are the best available tools to Groom the beards.

Beards trimming, cutting, and shampooing is made wonderfully easy. You just have to find the best trimmer for long beards out of many options offered.

But, as there are many trimmers around, you may be confused about what is the best beard trimmer for your long beards?

To dispel your confusion for selecting the best beards trimmer for longer beards, there a few suggestions or recommendations you must look for while selecting the best long beard trimmer and shaver.

The first ever thing you need to look for is the blade quality, build, and efficiency of work. The comfortable cutting with maximum accuracy is all that we all like.

Secondly, battery performance with fast speed motor is the must have an option for a good beard trimmer. For a detailed understanding, here is the guide on how to find the best tool for trimming longer beards for you in 2021.

Buyers Guide: How to Pick the Best Beards, Trimmer for Trimming Longer Beards


Your beards are priceless. They are an invaluable addition to your beauty. For that, You can’t risk the wrong thing in your hands to spoil your beauty away. The most common question that would pop ups in your mind are;

  1. Is it durable? How long it shall hold me?
  2. Is it irritation free?
  3. Does it cut smoothly on all beard types?
  4. Does it offer sufficient battery time?
  5. Additional attachments and ease of setting?
  6. What is corded and cordless?

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards


While keeping all of your concerns in mind, we have tried to simplify the above mentioned questions for a better understanding and making a decision to buy the best beards trimmers for longer beards:

1. A Durable Trimmer; material and the make


A good trimmer is the best money investment you are having for the longer returns. From the durability and material makeup point of view, you will find two types of machines in the market; Stainless steel made and others made up with plastic instead.

It is well clear that the plastic machines are lightweight and more comfortable to operate in place of stainless steel made.

A piece of suggestion from our side, with experience and expert reviews, machines made with hard and durable plastic should be preferred. They are lightweight and easy to carry. They give a sleek and professional look to carry.

In addition to that, a good grip is essential, especially when you needed to hold it for maximum time to do the job.
A good rubber grip you need so that you can hold it tight while on a shower or with sweaty hands.

In addition to that, you should also look at whether the one you choose is portable? Can you carry it easily anywhere? The lightweight tools are durable and easy to carry anywhere.

2. Blades Quality


The next fine thing that you must look for the best beard trimmer for your long hair is the quality of the blade. Obviously, you wouldn’t like the blades that get dull, give skin cut, or go over quickly.

The self sharpening and stainless steel blades are the best choices. They work well for obviously a great period of time. Chromium, titanium, stainless steel blades are therefore the best choice

3. Motor & Battery Performance


One of the common issues that people have experienced while testing long beards trimmer is the battery power duration.

Since long beards needed powerful motor with continuous performance, the battery plays a pivotal role in this.

For battery performance it should be looked at how long the battery holds, the charging time, and battery lifetime.

In addition to that, the powerful motor with high speed, continuous and calm performance is what you must need.

You can also check for both corded and cordless device as per your need, especially when you need to take you device for some time with you.

4. Additional Custom Settings Features


The more customizable a device is, the more versatile it is. Most of the trimmers come with additional features so that you can adjust any setting for trimming or hair-styling.

Extra trimming and shaving length options loaded with multi attachment setting accessories can be the best go for you.

The comb length setting is essential for you to style up a beard setting as you want. Therefore, you must also look for the features that you can use easily to get the maximum benefit from your device.

A Budget Friendly Tool


The budget is an essential thing you must be looking into. You need the one that caters all of your needs while staying in your pocket.

There are many available in the market with different price ranges. But, you must look for one which is budget friendly or that may come at a moderate price so that you can choose it for yourself.

Final Words


The beauty of long beards can only be enhanced with the proper grooming. A properly trimmed and styled beard leaves your impression on the minds of people.

Many will be remembering you by your captivating and stylish long beards look. So, in that way, a beard can make or break your look.

While many prefer to rely on barber or hairstylist but, as the beards are your, so that the right to trim or shave should also be yours.

Frequently going to the barber for little trimming or styling is no way a suitable option. Instead, when you find a proper long beards trimmer in your hands, you not only save your precious time but also your precious money. The right tool, a proper long beards trimmer is what you definitely need for yourself.



Q. What to look at when selecting a beard trimmer brand?

Ans: While looking for the best beard trimmer brand, make sure you look for qualities of the model that has stainless steel blades. You also have to consider the length option and trimmers with adjustable combs that attach to the trimmer to allow different cutting lengths. Finally, look for your budget as well.

Q. Is the battery life essential for trimmers?

Ans: Yes, battery life is crucial while purchasing any trimmer. Some models are capable of charging fully in an hour while some might take a long time and drain easily. The more the battery life, the more efficiently it works.

Q. What are the dry and wet operations of the trimmer?

Ans: It relies on whether you prefer trimming before or after a shower. You must reflect whether you opt for a trimmer that delivers wet or dry trimming operation. You can also find trimmers that provide both dry wells as wet trimming performance.

Q. How can I consider the blades of the trimmer?

Ans: The quality of blades will be determining the quality of trimming. Chromium steel blades, double sharpened blades, or self-sharpening steel blades are some of the options available in several brands. Make sure to pick good quality blade trimmers.