There is a never-ending debate among women whose hair removing method is the best. Some women use wax.

Others use shavers and epilators. There are various pros and cons of using each of these models. After years and years of self-test and research, I concluded this heated debate.

The short answer is Epilation. Yes, you heard it right. Epilation is the best process for removing your hair. It’s quick, easy, and result-oriented.

There will be a lot of people asking why Epilation is better than waxing and shaving. I will try to prove my point of view based on facts.

Let’s begin the show and see how Epilation is the king of hair removing processes.

epilation vs waxing vs shaving

Why is Epilation better than Shaving and Waxing?

Epilation beats shaving and waxing hands down on a variety of factors.

Since I shifted my hair removing process. Hair removing is a bliss. I have to spend less time, and the results are overwhelming.

1. Pain

If you ever tried waxing, you know how painful it is waxing. It will make you scream. It requires a lot of patience. Shaving is a painless process, but there are several strings attached to it.

Epilation is somehow a painful process, but it is a lot less painful than waxing. So, Epilation is more painful than shaving but less painful than waxing.

2. Time

Shaving and waxing require a lot of preparation. Meaning more time required. That’s not the case with Epilation.

You take an epilator and start removing hair without any delay or waiting. Epilation beats shaving and waxing in time consumption hands-down.

3. Hair length

Waxing requires relatively long hair. You have to grow your hair long for a useful waxing experience. Short hairs do not come off quickly. They remain hidden from the waxing effect.

While shaving cuts down the hair from the middle. It makes them grow back easily. Epilation plucks out hair as short as 0.5mm from the root. Hence, Epilation beats waxing and shaving in hair length too.

4. Skin Smoothness

Waxing does not remove the shortest of hair, and shaving cuts them from the middle. This makes your skin rough and unpleasant to touch. Epilation removes your hair from the root, leaving your skin extra smooth and nourishing.

5. Hair regrowth time

Hair regrowth time is a very crucial factor while removing hair. Obviously, you don’t want to remove hair every other day.

It makes life dull and boring. After Epilation, hair won’t come back even after four weeks. That’s the beauty of Epilation we are talking about.

6. Sensitivity

A lot of women find shaving and waxing uncomfortable on their skin. Thanks to the new wet epilation trend.

You can use your epilator under the shower, which will make Epilation much more relaxing and comfortable.

7. Area

There are certain limitations on using waxing and shaving on different parts of the body while you can use the epilators on every part of your body.

This makes the epilator one of the most useful devices for Epilation. It is now time to buy Best Epilator 2020 so that you can get rid of getting more pain with waxing.

Final Words

In our point of view, Epilation is the best way to remove your hair. It’s convenient and has lasting results too.

Make sure you choose the right epilator for your skin. We have combined the best epilators(interlink to best epilator page) also.

Try Epilation and tell us what you think of it right in the comments box below.