When we talk about easy hair removal method, most of us what a smooth skin for several weeks, isn’t it? If hair keeps growing back again and again how inconvenient it would be. However, for a long-lasting effect, you need to deal with pain as well. Hair removal methods that give you longer hair-free skin is not painless! You need to have endurance and pain tolerance if you want to achieve that shiny, smoothy and softy kind of skin. We have listed below comparison between epilator and razor which will help you know which can be best.

Will Razor Be Your Savior?

A shaver or a razor uses sharp blades that comes in contact with your hair and cuts it only from the surface. There is no plucking or removal of hair from the root. It is simply slicing of your hair as a scissor does!

You can use an electric shaver to shave your hair how ever blade razors can be different. They provide some closeness to shaver. Both work the same. Using a normal razor might not cost you much and is disposable as well.

Razors do not last long if they are not of good quality. You can replace the cartridges to make them fresh and hygienic. Razors are quite easy to use and pain-free. However, it can not be the right hair removal method if you want something long-lasting.

If you are looking for thinner hair growth, then razors are big now because your hair do not grow thinner like epilator does to you.

The most essential thing that most people opt for using razor over epilator or waxing is the fact that they are painless.

What About Epilators?


As epilators work with several rotating mechanical tweezers, it helps in capturing your hair and pulling it out from the root. The hair removal from your root tends your slow hair growth. Epilators like razors cannot be disposed as they are expensive however they can be durable and can be used for longer time. They are easy to use and more hassle-free compared to waxing or razors.

One of the most common discomforts among every user is its pain. The discomfort can range from one person t another. The use of an epilator frequently can make you used to the device and the pain sensation. Once you are used to plucking your hair, you will be less sensitive to pain.

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of using razors as well as epilators. It depends upon the one using it, what one prefers and with what one is well off. However, epilator can be best for those who want a long-term smooth skin and do not want to rush time and again to remove hair or get annoyed by quick hair growth.