Epilating is one of the best and long-lasting ways of hair removal. The purchase of an electric epilator or a cordless epilator makes your use more convenient. Nowadays, epilators have become more popular however, people might not know what one can be like. The term epilating refers to the removal of hair from your root while waxing is also one of the forms of hair removal. No matter the purpose of both the method is the same, they vary for several reasons considering your budget, time, and efficiency.

So how does an epilator work?

Epilators are designed automated with tweezers. The most effective and popular epilators are those that feature tweezers. These epilators give you a smooth and long-lasting finished skin similar to waxing and can be the easiest and less messed up way to remove your hair. While waxing can be a sticky and daunting task to remove the same, epilators are a better option for hair removal.

The surface of the epilators rotates and passes over your skin. It grabs the hair from the root and removes them from the follicle. Many epilators come with speed settings which is why you can select your speed for epilating your sensitive areas.

Not only speed settings, but epilators also come with several attachments depending on your use. The attachments range from massager caps, pedicure foot buffers to exfoliation brushes. Some epilators also feature shaving heads for sensitive areas which can be turned into a fully automated shaver as well.

The epilators used in the opposite direction of hair tweeze the hair and pluck them from the root. However, rushing to epilate and moving it up and down like a razor can cause hair breakage instead of hair removal from the root.

The Smoothness That Lasts

Every one of us wants hair removal from epilators that last longer and prevent quick hair growth. You can shave your hair before few days of epilation which can reduce your pain sensation. Frequent epilation can show you slow growth of hair than it used to be earlier.

It might take weeks for the hair to regrow after epilation. Your hair also grows back finer over time when you are used to epilation. Often epilators are designed to waterproof which you can use in a shower or bath. Epilating in a shower or bath especially warm can open your pores and reduce pain while epilating.

Coming to the budget, epilators are more cost-effective and can be used for several years. If you are new to epilation, you can expect some discomfort. You can use epilators with soap, foam, or shower gel as well to make the hair removal method more comfortable and effective.

Most of the epilators can be used on the entire body including your face. If you are more sensitive to pain, it is a better option to exfoliate your skin before epilation and take a warm bath.

Nowadays, epilators have been evolving constantly and are available in wonderful models from several brands according to your usage and budget. Get the best deal for smoother skin!