We know that as of now, your favorite cordless epilator has become your new BFF and you want to keep your relationship with it stronger! Like every relation needs care, this best buddy also needs the same. Epilators left carelessly can cause it sick, damage, and clogged which causes damage to its motor. The next important thing is your hygiene! Taking care of your epilator and cleaning it after every use can be the best method to take care of your hygiene to prevent harmful infections.

We have mentioned some of the safety steps for you to clean the epilator.

1. Disassemble your device

Before going ahead with the cleaning ritual, make sure you need to turn it off and unplug it to avoid any accidents. Now remove the caps and all the attachments that you have put on. When you remove the cap, you will finally know how much your BFF has been helping you with your hair removal till now.

2. Dusting Off Hair

Several epilators come with a cleaning small brush with long bristles. These brushes can be used to clean and dust off clogged hair from the epilator. Brush the epilator over a sink so that you can easily rinse the hair. You can also use a hairdryer to remove the hairs however brushes are considered more effective for every corner cleaning.

3. Rinse It off

Make sure that your device is water-resistant and you can easily wash it with water. Don’t soak the main device in the water, just soak the attachments. Clean or wash it nicely so that you can remove the residue of soap easily. Finally, shaking off the water to dry it.

4. Use of Rubbing Alcohol

After you have removed unwanted hair, you can disinfect your device with some rubbing alcohol. All you need to do is wipe your device and the tweezers so that it gets sanitized well.

5. Dry It Nicely

No, that everything is done, you need to make sure that the epilator parts are dried thoroughly. You can rub the outer part of the body and lay the epilator over the clean surface or an area where you think it can be dried nicely. After your epilator is dried completely, you can reassemble the parts of the device and put them away.

Till now, you might have known how easy it is to clean an epilator and it does not take much time as well. To keep your epilator hygienic, the above-given steps are crucial and will help your device to be durable. Make sure to get an epilator that works well and long.