There is no doubt that an epilator works like waxing to remove hair from the roots. However, you do not have to use wax. An epilator plucks a hair from the root as it is rolled over several parts of your body. To get smooth and finished skin for longer, it is great to exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin cell. Exfoliation also helps in preventing ingrown hairs.

While epilating your hair, always start with positioning your device at a 90-degree angle. Pressing the epilator against your skin might cause a painful sensation, this is why loose handling of the device is great against your skin. Removal of toward opposite direction of the hair might cut the hair while avoiding removal from the root.

A cordless epilator can be a great choice which is made from the textured surface that rotates discs gripping the hair. It is highly recommended to select an epilator that rotates quickly and makes your epilation comfortable and quick.

So how to use an epilator efficiently and comfortably?

Learning the process of epilation correctly without discomfort, there is no rocket science. However, you can follow the listed steps for great results.

1. A Warm Shower Before Epilation

A great secret to preparing your skin for epilation is a warm shower or bath that can smoothen your body and open the pores efficiently. A warm bath can make epilation easier and reduce your pain.

2. Exfoliation Is the Great Key

If you are looking to enjoy the hair removal process painlessly and prevent any kind of irritation, exfoliation can be a great key. You can gently scrub and remove the dead skin cells first.

3. Shave

You can shave a few days earlier so that the hair can grow slowly and have small hairs to be epilated. You need to wait for your hair growth to a certain length until it can be epilated. You will be accustomed to a pain-free experience if you epilate more often.

4. Slow Epilation

Epilation works great to give you smooth skin gradually. As we have already talked above about the angle of the epilating head, go slowly to prevent any kind of discomfort. Avoid pushing your device down and gently guide the device across the skin for a painless experience and an excellent hair removal method.

5. Moisturizing Your Skin

It is great to moisturize your skin to avoid irritation after the use of epilation. Moisturizing your skin can soothe the skin and give your skin a smooth and fine result.

6. Epilation After Your Periods

During your menstrual period, epilation can be more hurtful. Several women have mentioned the sensitiveness and external pain of epilation during the period. If you have pain tolerance then you can epilate however, those having less pain tolerance can wait a while for epilation.

So now we very well know what epilation is and how this device can be used for efficient removal of hair, we are sure you will have smoother and softer skin. Get your hands on the best epilator today and have a longer result.