We have reached the era where a beautiful body is pictured as the one with smooth, silky skin that is must to be hair-free.

With the evolution of a no-hair concept in our beauty standards, the problem of hair removal transpired. Different methods of hair removal are in everyday use today including shaving, waxing, hair removal creams/sprays and epilation.

Among these, epilation is probably the least practiced and familiar method. Even the ones who do know about epilators steer clear of them by embracing the myths like “it’s horribly painful”, “increases hair growth” etc.

Well to break all these stereotypes, let us tell you what dermatologists have to say about epilation. Interviews revealed that the best method of hair removal as per dermatological recommendation is laser treatment.

But the insane money they cost keeps them limited. However, epilators too, have been declared an excellent and effective method of hair removal by dermatologists.

Unlike waxing, they don’t rip or burn your skin, and unlike shavers and creams, they give you long-lasting results. Therefore, owning an epilator can be a life-changing experience for you and your skin.

Philips is among the leading epilator brands and has launched various models with specific features. One good thing about Philips epilators is that they are very affordable as compared to other brands with the same quality and performance.

Top 3 Recommended Best Philips Epilators in 2021


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Best Philips Epilators Reviews 


 1. Philips Beauty Satinelle Prestige Epilator (BRE648)

The very first image of the Philips Beauty Satinelle BRE648 will give you a luxury notion. Most of the epilator brands and models, including the world-famous silk-epil 9 has failed to achieve a striking design.

But the Philips Prestige is sketched with an eye-catching focus. It features an ultra-sleek white and rose gold finish.

Besides beauty and luxury, the epilator is un-compromised on technology and performance. The epilator comes with nine useful attachments all separately packed in a plastic bag and includes a string pouch for travel.

The ergonomic award handles together with the modified curvated epilator head brings smoothness and ease to your hair removal routine.

The 32 tweezer system head removes hair as small as 0.5mm. You get precision heads for the epilator to remove hair from small and delicate areas like the bikini line, face, armpits and under legs.

And of course, there is a shaver included with trimming comb. It helps you shape and style the bikini. To give you a spa-like smooth and soft skin Satinelle Prestige comes with exfoliator and massager.

The massager is the most exciting part of our package because its not the standard rubber type but contains tiny metal balls that spin for more noticeable results.

On a maximum charging of 1.5 hours, you will be able to use the epilator for forty minutes. It’s good enough for a lengthy beauty bath.

Yes, you read it right! You can use your epilator in the bath with you. It will give equally good results on wet and dry skin, only operating in shower lessens the pain sensation.

Every other epilator model out there has the smart light on the handle surface, but the Satinelle Prestige has inbuilt, bright LED just below the tweezer panel. This will add to more visibility and precision.

  • Attractive and luxurious design.
  • Includes precision cap for delicate areas.
  • 4-in-1 epilator, shaver, massager and exfoliator.
  • Non-metallic, ceramic tweezers for sensitive skin.
  • Dual speed settings.
  • Battery indicator.

  • The plastic head is not very durable and may be damaged after frequent switching between the parts.



  • Glamorous design
  • Includes epilator, shaver, massager, and exfoliator
  • Cordless with a 40-minute charging time
  • Wet and dry use
  • 32 ceramic tweezers


Final Words


Those who cherish their beauty products to be equally beautiful and luxury-looking won’t find any better epilator model on the market.

It will cost you considerably low price compared to other similar-function models. However, its glamorous design has no match.

2. Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator (Bre615)

This is the preceding version of Satinelle BRE 648. Available at an affordable price, the Philips Satinelle (Bre 615) is a straight forward epilator for sensitive skin.

You won’t get many extras with it which may be available with others of the price range. Also, ta big drawback we markedly noticed here is the absence of a shaver.

Most of the users prefer to shave or trim the body hair before epilation for a less painful and more precise result.

However, two precision caps can do the work for you. For sensitive areas like the bikini, upper lips, armpits and forehead, you can mount the precision caps to reduce the area of contact with skin.

The design is the same as the Prestige; only the striking rose gold is swapped with a matte purple which is comparatively less attractive.

With the loss of the extras, you will notice a decrease in price too, which’s a great plus for those tight on the budget.

The typical metallic tweezers are replaced with fine ceramic ones. They are suitable for sensitive skin individuals who get instant allergies with metallic contact.

You can choose between two-speed levels according to your skin type. The smart light on the epilator head will help you locate the tiniest of hair for an ultra-smooth finish.

The epilator is entirely waterproof, and you can use in the shower with a bath gel to minimize pain and prevent ingrown hairs.

The rechargeable battery works for forty minutes on full charging. Also, wash the epilator head frequently to maintain hygiene.

The epilator, along with caps, comes in a portable string pouch. You can carry it off to vacations or honeymoon with you for non-stop smooth and silky skin.

  • Battery indicator.
  • Cordless with a long battery time.
  • Wet and dry use.
  • Decreased price.
  • Includes two precision caps and pouch.

  • The head release button is tiny and difficult to use.



  • Sensitive precision caps
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • Affordable price
  • Smart light
  • Ergonomic grip


Final Words

We recommend this epilator for experienced users who can do without shaving the hairs first. Philips Satinelle will give you a clear finish and a smooth skin for up to four weeks. Will help you reduce ingrown hairs.

3. Philips Bikiniperfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer Kit

While working on hair removal, Philips has not neglected the needs of the bikini line and V-region. For those who are keen to keep their bikini line well-trimmed or shaped need to try Philip’s advanced bikini trimmer kit.

No other device will give you such perfection at an affordable price. There are four trimming attachments which also allow you to shape your eyebrows and do upper lips. There are both the epilator and shaver for either hair removal.

There are five length settings (2-10mm) to trim hair to a desirable length. The mini shaving and trimming heads are pivoted to caress your curves and easily access smaller areas for a perfect neat finish.

For such sensitive areas, the shaver is upgraded with hypo-allergenic foil that eliminates the risk of nips and cuts.

The bikini trimmer is cordless and rechargeable. You can use it in a bath for clean use and improved results. Warm water will soften up your hair and make it easy to be shaved or epilated.

You also get a pair of tweezers for catching stray hairs in eyebrows, chin etc. also, there is an exfoliation glove which is exciting.

It is a perfect thing to remove dead skin. The bikini kit comes in a cute little, white, zipped pouch which you can easily stuff up in your handbag wherever you go.



  • Bikini epilator and shaver with styling caps
  • 5 length options with trimming comb
  • Travel-friendly pouch
  • Tweezers and exfoliation glove included.
  • Hygiene-friendly


  • Perfect for bikini and eyebrows.
  • Exfoliation glove and tweezer included.
  • 4 precision attachments.
  • Travel pouch
  • Can’t be used for larger surface areas.

Best Philips Epilators; Buyers Guide, Tips & Tricks


best epilator

Choosing the best epilator for your skin type is necessary for the most satisfactory results. With such a large epilator variety, you may be dazzled to pick out anyone. Here are some features that you may want in your epilator:


1. The number of tweezers


The number of tweezers on the epilator head generally ranges between 20 and 70. More tweezers remove more hairs in one move and vice versa.

But here is one thing that an epilator with more tweezer can be more painful. So, if you are unable to cope with that choose a smaller one.

2. Accessories


Most epilator models come with specific accessories and extra parts. They are very handy in beautifying the skin.

These accessories include massagers, exfoliators, precision heads and shavers etc. You can easily find a model with your desirable accessory in the market.

3. Dry and Wet use


A dry and wet use epilator can be used in a bath or on dry skin. It is preferable because epilation is comfortable on warm, damp skin. It also reduces pain, especially when used with a shower gel.

4. Cordless or Corded:


Cordless epilators are those which can be recharged and used without a direct power source. Different models have different charging time, but anyhow they are useful as you can sit anywhere comfortably for perfect hair removal.

5. Smart light and Speed settings


These features help in detailed and comfortable hair removal. Smart light enables you to locate even the tiniest of hair strand on your skin. At the same time, the speed settings assist you with sensitive skin areas.

How to Use Epilators?


Epilators remove hair from the roots that’s why they are somewhat painful. But proper use can reduce the pain sensation significantly.

On the other hand, negligent and improper use can lead to serious mishaps like cutting, bleeding or severe rashes.

To avoid such accidents, read the instructions manual carefully before use. The standard epilation procedure is to hold your skin tight to prevent ingrown hair and remove more hair in one go.

Secondly, you position the epilator head at a right angle to your skin and start moving it against the growth direction of your hair.

Be patient and don’t rush over your skin. Also, you don’t need to press the device into your skin; it will hinder the tweezer rotation. So, hold it lightly to your skin and glide over unwanted hair.

Tips and Tricks:


  • Prefer to epilate your hair at night. Often the skin gets redness and itching after using an epilation. This fades shortly, and if you sleep right after epilation, your skin will relax overnight. Waking up to clear, comfortable skin is a heavenly feeling.
  • Do not forgo moisturizing your skin after epilation. When hairs are pulled from roots, the skin is left dry and coarse. Using a mild moisturizer smoothens the skin immediately.
  • To avoid infections, clean your epilator after every use and if the epilator is washable, make sure to rinse it out properly.
  • It is favored to exfoliate your skin before or after epilation to scrub off dead skin cells. Only this will give you a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Use the epilator on warm skin, preferably in a warm bath. This softens your hairs and opens the pores, which makes hair removal easier.
  • Another interesting fact reported about epilation is that using epilators right after your period makes epilation significantly easy. This happens because, after the period, your skin is the least sensitive to pain.



Epilators are an economical and dermatologically approved method of hair removal. They often give an abiding smooth and hair-free skin.

Moreover, you can carry these compact devices wherever you go. For best results, you should have the complete know-how of using an epilator.

And once you switch to epilation, there won’t be any going back. Hopefully, this article helped you choose the best epilator for yourself.